The Northwest Community Action Partnership in conjunction with Community Action of Nebraska (CAN) released the 2016 Community Assessment Survey. In August 2016, 10,000 surveys were mailed to residents across the state of Nebraska.
In the face of existing health care reform, one of the most profound results of the 2016 assessment was the responses to the question “how often do you delay health care because of cost”. Shockingly, two-thirds (62%) reported always or sometimes delaying care. Comparably in 2010, the first year that CAN launched the statewide assessment project, 67% of those surveyed delayed care, which was in the early stages of the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obama Care. When the identical survey was completed in 2013, the number delaying care was at 60%. Health related expenses are far and above, the biggest issue Nebraskans face.
In the area of Basic Needs, high rates of respondents once again reported difficulties with affordable medical, dental and eye care.
Top challenges for the 42% of respondents who were raising children were child care, both the cost of and the lack of child care openings, as well as lack of sick care and access to preschool programs.
The U.S. Census Bureau indicated that nearly 13% of Nebraskans live in poverty.