Thursday, October 20, 2016
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Snake Falls Open for Viewing September 16th

A message from Mike Adams, President of Snake Falls Ranch:

For many decades, the owners of the Snake Falls Ranch have allowed the public to view the Snake River Falls.  Until recently, the public has mostly been respectful of that privilege.  In July, for the first time in memory, the Falls were closed to public viewing. In recent months, a recalcitrant attitude by some individuals led to episodes of littering, trespass beyond the viewing area, carving of graffiti onto the sandstone walls behind and adjacent to the falls and other destructive and dangerous acts that were occurring with increasing frequency. To protect the surrounding terrain, including the canyon walls and rock of the Snake River Falls, as well as members of the public, the owners of the Snake Falls Ranch felt compelled to close the Falls to public viewing.

We are planning to reopen Snake River Falls to public viewing on September 16, 2016. New rope fencing has been placed to delineate the boundaries of permitted public access. New signage has been erected to carefully explain the limits of public access and the risks of access in accord with state law. Graffiti has been removed (not without scarring the rock walls, unfortunately) and the litter has been picked up.

The fee for viewing access will still be $1 for adults and $0.75 for children. This minimal charge helps the owners pay for liability insurance. The Falls will be open from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm daily. No members of the public are to pass beyond the rope boundary. River access, including the pool below the Falls, and the canyon walls are also off limits to the public.  Any members of the public not complying with these rules will be prosecuted for trespassing.

We hope that everyone who is physically able can come and view the Snake River Falls. Nebraskans, and thousands of individuals from all over the USA and the world, have enjoyed them. Hopefully, all who come will treat the terrain and landscape with the respect that it deserves.


New Wind Energy Regulations for Cherry County

The Cherry County planning commission met for a regular meeting Tuesday at the Cherry County court room. New member Albert Ericson from North of Mullen was introduced. A public hearing on a conditional use permit for Sharps campground was held at 4:30. The proposal was for 14 electric hook ups at the campground near Brewer Bridge south of Sparks. The permit was approved.

At 5:35 the commission opened a public hearing concerning changes to zoning regulations on wind energy permit applications. The changes had three main areas of concern:

Each turbine would be permitted individually and the zoning administrator would have authority to approve minor changes in construction on each.

The wind developer would have to show financial assurance, or letter of credit, showing the funding for decommissioning the towers if they are not in use.

The applications for permit must include certified engineers stamp and documentation of transmission line and substation easements.

Bluestem Sandhills, the proposed developer of the Kilgore Wind Farm, stated that they have no objections to any of the proposed changes.

After over an hour of public comment, the planning commission voted 7 to 0 to approve the changes.


Gale says candidate complaint was received after deadline

Secretary of State John Gale says a challenge filed to the candidacy of Thomas Brewer in Legislative District 43 was received in his office after the required statutory deadline. As a result, Gale says he has no authority to review the objection filed by former State Senator LeRoy Louden.

“In this case, the deadline to file an objection against a candidate is seven days after the deadline new candidates can file for office, which is March 1,” explained Gale. “That means the complaint should have been filed no later than March 8.”

The complaint made by Louden was received on August 31.

As to questions about Brewer being a registered voter in Sheridan County, Gale said those needed to be directed to the Sheridan County Clerk, or in the case of a criminal allegation, to county law enforcement.

“State law specifies that the challenged voter be required to answer questions about residency posed by the election commissioner or county clerk,” Gale said. “If the allegation is that the person committed election fraud, then that complaint needs to be made to law enforcement authorities for further investigation.”

The complaint originated because Brewer says he lives in a renovated machine shed in Sheridan County's Gordon, which is part of District 43 in northern and west-central Nebraska. LeRoy Louden used to represent the district, and he said in his Wednesday filing with the Nebraska secretary of state's office that Brewer's real home is in Murdock, just outside Lincoln. The filing says the Gordon shed is not listed or taxed as residential property.




Eminent Domain Meeting In Thedford

Attorney David Domina will hold an informational meeting on Eminent Domain in Thedford on September 7th at 7pm CT at the Thomas County Fairgrounds. Mr Domina is expected to talk about current law and what might be ahead in the unicameral for future sessions. Anyone interested in finding out what Eminent Domain can and cannot do, is encouraged to attend the meeting in Thedford.


Pigskin Prediction Contest Winners - Week 1

No perfect cards to start off the first week of the Pigskin Prediction Contest. The top two winners both missed two games, with the tiebreaker Nebraska yards of 406 determining the winner. Congratulations to Derek Hawthorne for placing first and Bethany Springer for placing second. The weekly winners will receive gift cards for the Peppermill, which will be available at the studios of KVSH later this week.

For those playing at home, winners on the card were:


West Virginia

Texas A&M




Northern Iowa






Tie Breaker Yards: 406


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