Tuesday, September 02, 2014
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Cherry County Fair and Rodeo August 6th - 10th

Plans are complete for this year's Cherry County Fair and Rodeo, August 6th through the 10th.  This year's theme is "Rock N Roll" Fair. To get better coverage of fair information, there will no longer be premium booklets. All this information will be included in a tab in the Advertiser that comes in your newspaper. Some openings remains for the Trade Show and Music Fest in the Pavilion. Contact Scott Peterson at 402-376-2271 for more information. Ranch Rodeo spots are also filling up but a few open spots remain. Contact Clint Assarson if you have a team for this event. A tractor pull is also planned for the Sunday of the fair at 1 p.m. CT. New this year is a fly-in breakfast at Miller Field on Sunday morning at 8 a.m. CT on August 10th. Everyone is invited to take part in all of the fair activities.


Street Work to Begin the Week of the 14th

Armor coating of Valentine streets will begin the week of July 14, 2014.  The following streets will be armor coated, weather-permitting; please remove any and all vehicles off the street until work is completed.

WESTERN STREET from Donaher to Second

SECOND STREET from  Western to Cherry

EDNA STREET from First to Fourth

VICTORIA STREET from Second to Third

WOOD STREET from Second to Third

TENTH STREET from Green to Dowden

LITTLE WOOD STREET from Fifth to Sixth.


Nebraska Game and Parks Investigate a Possible Mountain Lion Attack on Two Horses

Officers from the Nebraska Game and Parks investigated a possible mountain lion attack on two horses just west of Ainsworth at the Jim Walz residence. The horses were injured around June 30th. Around the same time, Butler Vet Clinic treated a horse for possible mountain lion injuries that were sustained 20 miles north of Valentine. Other reports have come in about a motorist hitting a mountain lion with their vehicle south of the Winner area, and a mountain lion was spotted on a trail camera by Kirk Sharp's residence in Keya Paha County close to the Niobrara River.

The Game and Parks Commission is currently conducting surveys to determine the number and sex of mountain lions. Officers and scat detecting dogs have also been in the area recently for genetic analysis of the pumas.

To report a mountain lion sighting, call your nearest Nebraska Game and Parks Commission office. In Valentine, the number is 402-389-0444. Should you encounter tracks, preserve them as much as possible by covering them with a bucket. If you encounter a possible mountain lion kill, do not disturb the carcass or the area and instead call the Game and Parks office immediately.

Mountain lions are most active around dawn and dusk, but are known to move about during the day. The key to safety is to be aware, not afraid. Wear brightly colored clothes, be alert if crouching or bending down, keep pets on a leash and make noise if walking through the woods. In the rare instance of a mountain lion encounter, back away slowly, and try to make yourself seem as big as possible. Take measures to protect livestock by staying aware, checking fences, securing enclosures, and clearing brush and shrub from the barnyard if possible to establish a limit line.

If you do see a mountain lion in the wild, remember these tips and realize that it is very rare to spot this elusive creature.

Photo by Kirk Sharp, taken on a trail camera around June 23rd, 2014.

(Excerpts of this article from the Ainsworth Star-Journal)


City Wide Garage Sale Saturday July 12

Valentine's city-wide garage sale will be on Saturday July 12.  According to Dana Anderson, there are 26 garage sales posted on the map in this week's Midland Newspaper.  There will also be many more sales around town.  The city-wide garage sale is a promotion of the Valentine Chamber of Commerce.   Also, remember that the Chamber of Commerce's Minnechuduza Days and Turtle Races will be the following weekend July 19th at the City Park.  Turtles are available at several participating chamber locations as well as the Valentine Visitors' Center.  For more information, call the Visitors' Center at 402-376-2969.


Fourth of July Festivities Winners

The Fourth of July Parade winners are:

First Place - Monroe Family Float

Second Place - Robin Roth "Just for Fun"

Third Place - Gregory Jackson Lakeview Christian Reformed Church 100th Anniversary Celebration


The Demolition Derby Champs are:

First Place - Matthew Jones

Second Place - Sam Williams

Third Place - Travis Kubal

Fourth Place - Danny Homan

Fifth Place - Travis Bostock

Both the Flag Race and the "Mad Dog" award were won by Jeremy Jones.  The raffle car was won by Tara Gaskins, and the couples blindfold 4-wheeler race - Richard and Katie Froning.



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